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Welcome to Theology Notes! I am excited that you have found yourself here and I hope this site is valuable to you. My name is Darian and I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints since I was 8 years old (the youngest age one can be and join the Church.) Theology Notes started as a way to give purpose to my personal scripture study and as a way for me to be more obedient to God. I currently live in Utah with my beautiful wife and our first child.

If you know very little about the Church of Jesus Christ (sometimes called the Mormon church) then here is a little bit of info:

  1. We consider ourselves to be a Christians. In other words, we are disciples of Jesus Christ. We try to pattern our lives based on His teachings. We also believeĀ the accounts of His life as found in the New Testament.
  2. There are four books of scripture in our canonical library:
    1. The Bible including the Old and New testaments
    2. The Book of Mormon which is an account of God’s dealings with ancient Americans
    3. The Doctrine and Covenants which is a collection of modern revelations
    4. The Pearl of Great Price which is a collection of ancient and modern writings
  3. We also believe the teachings of modern prophets when they are influenced by the Holy Ghost are from God and thus are part of our library of scripture as well.

For this site, I will mostly stick to the sources above. One important note: What you read on this blog are my views and my opinions. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Church of Jesus Christ or any other organization for that matter. Enjoy!

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